voot [vo͞ot] 
1. slang for currency, money

Prices to be locked in by 15 July 2018

Levels of cost are based on levels of participation as follows (per guest, based on double occupancy):
  • Associate - Saturday 'Sit-Down' dinner immersive mystery in character - $90 includes tax & gratuity
  • Soldier - the above plus Dregs at the Drake clue teaser tea and Hotel tour on Saturday - $180 includes tax & gratuity
  • Caporegime - the above plus 1 night stay at The Drake and Final Findings Brunch Sunday morning - $330 includes hotel taxes + brunch tax & gratuity
  • Underboss - the above plus Mobsters tour Saturday morning and Roaring Role-play Reception (with appetizers & no-host cocktails) - $390 
  • Consigliere - the above plus 2nd night stay at The Drake Tommy Gunn's Garage speakeasy mystery dinner Friday night - $565
  • Boss - the above plus Architecture Cruise or 1893 World's Fair tour on Friday, with a slice of Giordano's pizza - $640 

Bees Knees Extras:
  • Thursday afternoon flight
  • Thursday night hotel stay
  • Copy of the Tea Cozy Mysteries short story written for the occasion
  • Any additional tours listed that tickle your fancy
  • Saturday afternoon Flapper Makeover
  • Sunday tea at The Allis
  • Sunday afternoon flight or train trip
  • Travel insurance
Charleston classes:
  • 6 sessions (1 per week) in Los Alamitos, SoCal: $75
  • Friday or Saturday at the Drake: Free for Bosses & Consiglieres, $5 for Underbosses & Capos, $10 for Soldiers & Associates  
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